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About Kidzania Dubai

Kidzania theme park is an amusement park curated especially for kids to play, work and learn to take responsibility. Kidzania provides a perfect environment to transport kids from the real world to the world of imagination with various interesting activities to do.

At Kidzania, your children can explore 40 different real-life role-play activities and get a chance to behave like a grown-up person for a day. Kidzania can help children construct tangible life skills and these activities teach kids to grow on interpersonal and personal levels. These realistic activities will also help to understand the needs of society.

Kidzania allows a limited number of kids to participate in any activity and has a particular room for every activity. Every room has a sign displaying the number of kids participating in the activity and time duration of the activity. Most activities are for a particular age group, which is also displayed outside the activity room.

It allows a Kidzania currency, which kids have to earn and pay during the activity time. This currency can be spent to treat themselves to a spa day or shopping spree.

Popular kids’ activities at Kidzania include the acting academy, natural archives & jewellery shop, metropolitan theatre & Flik flak city clock, VR secret agent training, flight simulator, kinder chocolate factory, and much more.

Activities to Do in Kidzania Dubai

Kidzania Dubai

Handwriting, calligraphy, and learning are incredible ways to increase memory retention and develop fine motor skills. At Kidzania, children can join art & craft activities which will help in improving their fine motor skills. Kids can express their emotions using their senses and can explore colours at the painting school. Kids can indeed retain the spelling of a word better when they are writing it on their own. The educational activities at Kidzania prepare the child for higher education, giving them a chance to get a degree in a selected field and earn more kidzos.

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The DJ skills are considered the best, when the idea is to get the kids involved in music. DJ corner at Kidzania in Dubai promotes reasoning and craftsmanship. Children can book tickets and watch their favourite movies at Kidzania Reel cinemas. The kids can also take a centre stage at the Kidzania’s Metropolitan theatre, which is known for hosting numerous daily shows. For more advanced training, the acting academy offers the youngsters an introduction to various roles, which helps build their confidence and communication skills.

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Kidzania Dubai
Food & Beverages

Like an actual city, there are multiple places to drink and eat at Kidzania. The only interesting difference is that, unlike the outside world, the kids can get involved in the nuances of cooking. There is lots to explore here, right from preparing their own Happy Meal at McDonald’s to making some healthy snacks at Fade Fit Kids to baking their own pizzas at Pizza Express. Kids can work at the Kinder chocolate factory also for making a lovely Kinder Bar. Adults can also bike blend a smoothie with their children at Arla and Danish Dairy Board Organic Milk.

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Kidzania in Dubai is looking forward to better methods to fight diseases caused by microbes and germs. Children can thus join the group of scientists in the astonishing and well equipped Microsafe Antimicrobial Lab to work together and develop safer and new methods to help people sanitise surfaces and hands. The local government has hired a ‘Microsafe Infection Control Centre’ to ensure safety. Kids can join the activity and help ensure that tourists and citizens are safe. Besides this, kids can also join the team of doctors to help patients, take care of newborn babies, and much more.

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Kidzania Dubai

Kids can enter the media studio ‘Al Aan TV,’ where they can do a role play as that of a news reporter, floor manager, etc. Kids can also be the anchor of their own entertainment show. They can also join on air to get the latest updates and news. Kids can be a local RJ at WattZ 99.9 radio station.

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After doing lots of hard work, kids can spend their hard-earned Kidzos (money) on numerous items at the Kidzania’s departmental store. Visitors can also enjoy face painting services for a small additional fee. They can also buy momentos at Kidzania Shop before leaving the city. At retail shops, children can buy any item of their choice with the condition that the price should be less than or equivalent to their hard earned money.

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Grab the debit card and head to Al Hilal Bank to get your Kidzos. At Kidzania, the service industry is the heart and soul of the entire township. At Rove hotel, children will experience a glimpse of the hospitality industry, from check-in and reservations to housekeeping. Kids also play the roles of various governmental service providers like the Dubai Police to keep the city safe. It also helps in enhancing the skills of the child and make them more vigilant. Children can also enrol in Emirates driving institute to get their licence and drive their cars on the street.

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Kidzania Dubai

Every kid arriving at Kidzania in Dubai should check-in and avail of their boarding passes at the counter of Emirates Airlines. Children can also join the aviation academy to learn the duties of a cabin crew and how to become a professional pilot. With the help of the RTA city bus tour, kids are taught the city's layout and can also learn how to travel safely on a bus alone.

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KidZania Abu Dhabi

The most exciting place for children is where they can test their sports skills. Popular games where kids can try their luck are billiards and table football. Kids can also interact with other children and can make new friends and hang out with friends. At Kidzania Titans, children can test their physical abilities on any challenging obstacle course of their choice.

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Know Before You Go Kidzania Dubai

Here is how you should plan your visit to Kidzania Dubai

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Opening Hours and Location
How to Get There
Dress Code
Tips to Visit Dubai

  • Location Kidzania theme park is located at Level 2 (Opposite Reel Cinemas), The Dubai Mall, Financial Centre Road, Downtown Dubai, Near Burj Khalifa, Dubai.

  • Opening Hours

  • Saturday – Wednesday: 11 AM - 8 PM (counter closes at 7 PM)

  • Thursday – Friday: 12 Noon - 9 PM (counter closes at 8 PM)

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Rules and Regulations

kidzania dubai
  • Kids below the height of 120 cm should be accompanied by a guardian or a person above 17 years of age all the time.

  • For children between 4-16 years, the main attractions of Kidzania Dubai are open for all 7 days.

  • Toddlers can enjoy ‘the Fun First Nursery,’ offering a safe environment to learn and play.

  • Every adult accompanied by a kid should select either a business plus package or an additional business package and be charged AED 95.

  • After entering Kidzania in Dubai, kids cannot exit temporarily because readmission is not permitted.

  • Guardians are not permitted inside the kid’s activity area; however, they can have a pleasant time at the parent’s lounge with free Wi-Fi, TV, and coffee.

  • Outside food and pets are not allowed inside the theme park.

  • Few activities may close or change due to special events, capacity, and refurbishing.

  • Chewing gums and smoking are strictly prohibited inside Kidzania.

  • Entry ticket to Kidzania theme park is valid only for general activities and admissions. It is not valid for other facilities like video, photos, birthday parties, drinks, food, etc.

  • If kids require any assistance between the activities, supervisors (trained adults) will guide and support them in all activities, making sure kids have a good time and learn something informative.

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FAQ's of Kidzania Dubai

What is Kidzania Dubai?

Kidzania theme park is an activity-packed scaled replica of the actual city of Dubai is a perfect destination for your kids to explore where they can play and learn unity. Children can explore more than 40 activities and can earn money by actively participating in these activities.

What are the Activities one can do in Kidzania Dubai?

Children can explore various activities at Kidzania: doctor, journalist, police officer, cashier, chef, hotel receptionist, pilot, astronaut, fireman, and more.

What are the timings for Kidzania Dubai?

Thursday – Friday: 12 noon to 9 PM (last entry at 8 PM) Saturday – Wednesday: 11 AM to 8 PM (last entry at 7 PM)

How much time is needed for my child to fully explore Kidzania Dubai?

You should have at least five to six hours to explore the entire place. Like this, you can enjoy numerous activities and earn a good amount of kidzos to deposit at the Bank of Kidzania.

Can we bring our own food inside the Kidzania Dubai?

Kidzania in Dubai does not permit outside food. But there are various food outlets at the venue like Mum Mum, Pizza Express, and McDonald’s from where you can have a quick munching to satisfy your hunger.

How to reach Kidzania Dubai?

  • Car – You must take the first interchange and move towards the financial centre road. Now take the road to the Dubai Mall, and you will reach destiny as Kidzania is on level 2 of the mall.

  • Bus – If you are coming via bus, take route 29 from Ghubaiba bus station and route 27 from the Deira Gold Souk station and deboard at Dubai mall.

  • Metro – The nearest metro station to Kidzania Dubai is The Dubai Mall Station / Burj Khalifa. After deboarding, you can walk to the mall via Metro Link Bridge. You can also use feeder bus services to the mall directly.

What age is Kidzania Dubai suitable for?

Kidzania theme park in Dubai is perfect for children aged 4-16 years. There are more than 40+ activities at Kidzania where they can play, develop their social skills, become creative, and participate in decision-making or any teamwork activity of their choice. The theme park is packed with numerous learning experiences. For toddlers also Kidzania has a safe play area where they can learn and play together for better brain development.

By which currency can we access Kidzania Dubai?

To make the kid's experience more authentic and fun, Kidzania has introduced its unique currency, ‘kidzos.’ Kids can earn this currency by performing various activities. The amount children earn can also be used to purchase various products and services in the indoor city. The kids can also deposit the hard earned money in the bank of Kidzos.

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